These are the basics for all Packages

Length of time and personal needs may vary

  1. The ‘Initialize it’ first month ($750) includes
    1. Full report on your unique constitution
    2. 90 minute session educating you on your constitutional makeup
    3. 90 minute session to develop a 3 or 6 month plan to integrate optimal lifestyle support routines to transition you from your current health condition to freedom from breast cancer.
      1. If you chose Deep healing, reevaluation meeting will occur after 6 months and a new plan will be drawn up for remaining 6 months.
      2. This does not mean you will necessarily heal completely from breast cancer in 6 months but your healing routine should be in place and dialed in with results being documented by you and your doctor.
    4. 90 minute education session to cover the foundational information needed to support your transition.
      1. Foundation material covers subjects such as toxins we need to avoid to heal, how the human body is designed to digest food, indicators of the body letting us know what is good and not so good for our unique body types, and much more.
  2. The Monthly Coaching for months 2-3,5,11 ($500/ month) includes
    1. Three 90-minute sessions per month to support your transition to health and well-being.
      1. Sessions may include:
        1. Education presentations
        2. Dialing in your routine
        3. Whole house walk throughs to eliminate hidden toxins and other unsupportive items most households aren’t aware of
        4. Exercise routine “walk-throughs”
        5. Morning routine “walk-throughs”
        6. Evening routine “walk-throughs”
        7. Personal emotional support
        8. Practice session such as meditation, child self connection, prayer development, weekly menu development, grocery shopping list development, and more.
    2. The fourth week of each month you will have on your own to practice what you’ve learned over the previous 3 weeks. This is where the rubber meets the road.
      1. If you have questions that arise as you put the sessions into practice, please feel free to email me.
    3. Additional offerings within this package include:
      1. Full access to membership education site
      2. Free reports and eBooks
      3. Additional material added regularly
  3. Reverse Cancer Package/ Lifestyle Transformation Package
    1. All of Basic Package plus live visits to your home.
    2. Live visits include:
      1. Whole house makeover
        1. Removing harmful chemicals
        2. Setting up your healthy kitchen
        3. Finding other harmful hidden items such as clothing and bedding.
      2. Hands-on food prep to include how to develop your menu, shopping list, guided shopping at your local health food store, label reading, making the food, and how to tell what your body needs to make appropriate adjustments to your eating habits.
      3. Morning routine development and practice
      4. Evening routine development and practice
      5. Preparing for the work day, days off, and travel
    3. Cost: Travel expenses plus $300 for 6 hours each day we work together.
    4. These options are available for any packages but highly recommended for those diagnosed with Stage 2 especially if you’ve accepted some conventional treatment.