Andrea Lambert, Breast Cancer Coach

About Breast Cancer Coach

You can stop cancer in its tracks.

Your body has a natural capacity to heal itself under the right circumstances. You can heal breast cancer naturally. Our aim is to support you with the most effective and powerful systems to help your body reverse the cancer process.


Don’t trust your healing to just anyone!

Andrea Lambert,
Breast Cancer Expert

I am passionate about supporting women, who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, heal while maintaining a high-quality life.

Who Am I?

I am a lot like you. I have experienced health issues. I’ve gone the conventional route only to be left feeling like there was something wrong with me. Somehow, because their pills and procedures didn’t work on me, there is something wrong with me rather than something wrong with their system. I’ve struggled with “what to do now”. How can I feel better and improve my quality of life so life is worth living?

I got to a point where there was seemingly nothing left to try. Then I was introduced to the healing power of nature. I changed what I ate, how I prepared my food, the way I exercise, where I exercise. I changed the way I spent my time giving less to stress and more to me. I discovered that nature holds the key to healing what ails us.

Over these years of experiences, I started seeing puzzle pieces that began to fit together in an exciting way. As I worked with more and more people to heal from various ailments I got to see the confirmation of these puzzle pieces and how they actually fit for each individual. When we try to apply one method to many people we don’t see the success as when we treat each person as a unique being.

From this experience and confirmation, I developed a system to help my clients to easily find their unique healing equation. I developed the 6 Laws of Natural Healing system that supports this discovery and what to do with it. I dialed in the 7 unique characteristics (scroll down to access) that make us unique and knowing these characteristics helps each of us to treat our bodies the way they need to be treated so that we can regain our health and permanently maintain it with ease and grace.


My Life Training

Since I was young I’ve been interested in health and feeling good naturally. I’ve spent a lot of time in nature, been on the gymnastics and swim team, and even joined the U.S. Army for 8 years where I learned a lot about physical fitness and what I was capable of accomplishing. I soon began competing in triathlons and spending a lot of time hiking and backpacking.

Biology, specifically anatomy and physiology, was always an extreme interest for me. I took college level biology classes while still in High School because I just couldn’t get enough. I absorbed the information like a sponge. I completed my degree in biology with minors in chemistry and psychology and moved to California to start my career supporting the development of vitamins, supplements, and other important nutrients for health and well-being.

Along the way, I learned of other gifts I possess and earned my teaching certificate as a Raw Food Chef, Teacher, and Instructor. I earned the National level certification for Massage Therapy and have worked with many chiropractors in this healing modality. I also earned a certification in Healing with Raw Foods gaining great insight into herbs and the nutrient value of uncooked versus cooked plant-based foods. Finally, I’ve had the honor of supporting some great doctors working to support the healing of cancer and diabetes naturally.

I’ve written books and have many more planned to share the information I’ve uncovered. What’s more is seeing this information come into use. Seeing people heal when they had no hope previous but weren’t willing to give up just yet.


I Love Seeing Your Life Transform

I’ve seen some astounding things in my life and I want to share that knowledge and healing experience with as many people as possible. As I have searched my heart and mind for what I want to be and do in my life, I have discovered that I want to serve others. I have been blessed with many of my own health issues that have taught me so much. I deeply believe these experiences were for a reason. That reason is to help others heal as well.

The joy I feel when another person has a light bulb go off and get so excited when I talk to them about their own unique healing needs, is pure elation. The excitement and drive I feel to share with others as my clients put to practice their healing equation and experience recovery and life beyond what they had hoped given their circumstances, is second to none.

I would like to share these blessings with you and witness your healing story unfold!

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